"MODERN" Studio apartment

‘MODERN’ Studio Apartment is located on the first floor and is eqipped with modern furniture. When decorating this apartment, fresh and Mediterranean colours were chosen: the colours of the olive, the sun and the ocean, giving you feeling of lightness and freshness. The apartment has 29m2   and is partially divided between a living room and a bedroom.


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"CLASSIC" Studio apartment

‘CLASSIC’ Studio Apartment is on the second floor, and already by the first glance, it will give you a magical experience of Rovinj with its warm colours. In addition to the necessitites, this apartment differs from the others in style, as we have here tried to give the guests a feeling of the Old Town


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"STANDARD" Apartment

The «Standard» apartment, on the third floor, is different from the other apartments, as the bedroom is separated from the kitchen and the dining room. The equipment in this apartment is equal to that of the other apartments. From this floor, you will have a fantastic view on nearly the entire street of Carera as well as the roof tops of the houses in the Old Town. The apartment has 43m2 , two aircondition, and two extra bed.


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