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Category: Restaurants

Nella Quarantotta 16, 52210, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385/52/812621; Mob

We are a Mexican restaurant in Rovinj. We bring variety to Istria’s food scene. A treat for all who wish to enjoy in myriad of colors, warmth and crispy tastes of Mexican food.

Category: Restaurants

E. Belušić 2, Rovinj

Phone: 00385/52/811-801,

Category: Inns

Mazzini 1A, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385/52/841-616

Category: Restaurants

L. Montija, Rovinj

Phone: 00385/52/811-338

Category: Taverns

Sv. Križa 22, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385/52/811-186

Category: Restaurants

Otok Sv. Andrija, Rovinj

Phone: 00385/52/802-580

Category: Taverns

Monte Ricco bb, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385/52/821-152

Category: Pizzerias

R. Daveggia 1, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385/52/814-288

Category: Restaurants

I. Ronjgova bb, Rovinj

Phone: 00385/52/800-000

Category: Inns

Garibaldi 4, Rovinj, Croatia


Category: Restaurants

Marasi bb, Rovinj

Phone: 00385/52/448-119

Category: Restaurants

Obala V.Nazora bb, Rovinj

Phone: 00385/52/815-964

Category: Pizzerias

J. Tankovića bb, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385/52/811-652

Category: Vine shops

Hotel Park, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385/52/811-077
Carera 42, Rovinj, Croatia
Phone: +385 989 388643
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