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Iza kasarne 14, 52210, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385/52/814-109
Email: mira.borojevic1@pu.t-com.hr

This intimate little restaurant is like a Fairy Tale frozen in time with its cute interior decor.


Obala A.Rismonda 23, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385/52/816-663,
Website: www.amfora-rovinj.com/
Email: office@amfora-rovinj.com

The master of the kitchen, the master of the culinary simplicity and fish delicacies has been running Amfora's kitchen for years, the most famous fish restaurant in Istria.


Sv. Križa 14, 52210, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385 52 651 879

Ancora's terrace overhangs the Adriatic, giving us picturesque views of lit up boats returning to dock and jumping fish outlined by underwater flood lights


A. Rismondo 20, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385(0)52817328

Fantastic view of the habour and church. If staying in Rovinj A meal in Aqua 2 is a must and chat to the friendly helpful staff.


Carera 5, 52210, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385/52 812-154

Croatia has fantastic wine and Istria as a district is a big producer.


Trg G. Matteottija, 52210, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: +385 52 817 200

Very tasty and well prepared food for a fair price. Beautiful small restaurant is found in the centre of Rovinj.


Polari 5, 52210, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385/52/830-002
Website: barbadanilo.com
Email: konobabarbadanilo@gmail.com

The name of the tavern includes the word “barba”, which means uncle, and is used to approach adults with respect in Istria and Dalmatia...

Valalta bb, Rovinj

Obala V.Nazora bb, Rovinj

Phone: 00385/52/811-17

Otok Sv. Andrije, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385/52/802-572

Kuvi 4, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385/52/815-416
Email: info@konoba-bizzarra.com



Val de Lesso 9, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385/52/811-265
Website: www.blu.hr/
Email: info@blu.hr

Superbly situated on the beachfront overlooking the most spectacular view of the Old City of Rovinj, restaurant Blu offers all the luxuries a visitor could ever dream of.

TN Villas Rubin, Rovinj

Phone: 00385/52/801-463

J Tankovića bb, Rovinj

Phone: 00385/52/813150


Trg G.Pignatona 8, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385/52/811-530

Obala P. Budicin 16, Rovinj, Croatia

Phone: 00385(0)52800250

TN Amarin, Rovinj

Phone: 00385/52/802-000

Hotel Eden, Rovinj

Phone: 00385/52/800-400

Trg Trg na mostu 1, Rovinj

Phone: 00385/52/815-313

Cocaletto bb, Rovinj

Phone: 00385/52/829-010

Carera 42, Rovinj, Croatia
Phone: +385 989 388643
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