Rovinj fly 640x480Rovinj is one of the most 'photogenic' towns in the Mediterranean, once a fishing village and now a tourist resort. Especially good climate, plenty of sunny days, clean and warm sea, attractive landscape with lush vegetation, as well as historical monuments and the old town, influenced that Rovinj become a favorite tourist destination.

The entire coastline, with its twenty-two islands, is a protected natural inheritance. This little town will entice you with its narrow medieval streets and warm Mediterranean atmosphere. The main church of St. Euphemia keeps relics of the saint and presents one of the most beautiful Baroque achievements in Istria.


Climate and geographical position

istra karta 300Rovinj is situated on the western coast of Istria (45˚5'N; 13˚38'E) According thr census of the year 2001 it has a population of 14,234 inhabitants. This area is 142 km2 long, and includes the area from the Lim Bay untill Veštar.  
Climate in Istria is mild, Mediterranean, where there are warm and dry summers and mild and pleasant winters. It has an average of 2,338 sunny hours per year, and during the summer, the insolation is 10 h, on average. Specific winds are gale, which blows from north to south, with a clear and colder weather, south wind, which brings warmer but humid weather and a mild landward breeze, which blows from the land and has a cooling effect during the summer. The average air temperature during the coldest part of the year is 6ºC, and during the warmest 30ºC.


Romantic Mediterranean

Rovinj for rent RomanticOn the magnificent coast of Istria (Croatia), right below the Lim Fjord, is the most romantic place in the Mediterranean! The town of Rovinj is the right destination for all of you seeking a sentimental atmosphere of the times that have forever gone by. In the Mediterranean, you can find it here, in the town that has begun its romantic life on an island, its restricted area resulting in crowded houses, narrow streets and small squares, still untouched by modern urbanism.

On the seaside, the town is protected by a high rocky shore and house walls built on cliffs, while the mainland side is protected by solid walls. The town is dominated by the baroque St. Euphemia’s Church, its 60-meter tower providing a view of grey and red rooftops and chimneys, streets and squares, the port and pier with ships and boats, and the marina harboring yachts.

Istrian gastronomy

Rovinj rizoto 300The istrian gastronomy faithfully reflects all of the historical, geographical and climatic characteristics of this area. The tumultuous past times considerably impacted the gastronomy as well. Various traditions are interlaced in the traditional cuisine, which founds its fundaments in the nature (self-propagating plants, aromatic condiments, seasonal vegetables, sea fruits…), and influences of Franc and German feudal authorities as well as the Roman food and that of the Slavic populations which arrival started in the 7th century, were imported. Certainly the greatest impact on istrian gastronomy was done by the Venetian gastronomy, which authority lasted in these areas almost for five centuries – until the year 1797.
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