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istra karta 300Rovinj is situated on the western coast of Istria (45˚5'N; 13˚38'E) According thr census of the year 2001 it has a population of 14,234 inhabitants. This area is 142 km2 long, and includes the area from the Lim Bay untill Veštar.  
Climate in Istria is mild, Mediterranean, where there are warm and dry summers and mild and pleasant winters. It has an average of 2,338 sunny hours per year, and during the summer, the insolation is 10 h, on average. Specific winds are gale, which blows from north to south, with a clear and colder weather, south wind, which brings warmer but humid weather and a mild landward breeze, which blows from the land and has a cooling effect during the summer. The average air temperature during the coldest part of the year is 6ºC, and during the warmest 30ºC.


 South of Rovinj, Istria is cut by the 45th parallel, which means that we are half way between the Equator and the North Pole – an ideal geographical and temperature place on the northern hemisphere. Sea salinity is 37 pro mille. A large concentration of salt, sodium and chlorine, as well as sulphates and magnesium are a basis of a healthy bath which is necessary for a human body and skin, and where sea motion also has a therapeutic effect. The sea temperature is coldest during the year in March and on average it is at 9ºC, while it is warmest during August when it reaches up to 25ºC.

Based on the recent twelve-year tracking of meteorological data in Rovinj, the average yearly temperature is 13.5ºC, rainfall is 766.8 mm, while the relative air humidity is 75%. The climate is warm and semi-dry. During the year, more than a third of days are without wind, while the gale is blowing a lot less than in other towns by the west coast of the Istrian peninsula. Micro climate this mild is present only in Brijuni archipelago and Mali Lošinj. The number of sunny days during the year is 134, which is the most on the Adriatic after two places in south Dalmatia. At the same time, Rovinj is a place with the smallest number of cloudy days on the Adriatic.

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